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portable passenger elevator Cumulus Alpha

The portable passenger rope elevator - WolKi Cumulus Alpha - was developed in cooperation with the company Ortner Kofler GmbH & Co Kg, who are specialists in scaffold-free height working.

The design is optimized to provide a high level of toughness, usability, mobility and extensibility

(removable bucket and carabiner holders). Furthermore the rope elevator can be used for facade cleaning and in the near future to maintain wind turbines (independent power-source is essential).


net mass

      37 lbs

working load

    330 lbs

motor power

    750 W


     2.2 mph




bucket holder

carabiner holder

security lash

seat shell

emergency stop

power outlet

key main-switch

extension appliance

           radio receiver

pressure roller

running wheels

capstan winch

rope tensioning mech.

transprort wheels

frequency converter

WolKi Cumulus Alpha - TÜV Austria science award

Simon Wolfsgruber

+ graduation  HTL-Vöcklabruck      2015  mechanical engineering


mail: wolfsgruber@wolki.at

phone: +43 664 /7324 32 35

Team Wolki gewinnt Reise nach Washington mit bei Jugend Innovativ Wettbewerb

Markus Kircher

+ graduation  HTL-Vöcklabruck

2015 mechanical engineering


mail: kircher@wolki.at

phone: +43 699/ 81493267

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Team WolKi

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